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Fix it with Forte. Fix it for good.

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About Us

Forte Waterproofing is Indiana’s oldest and most trusted waterproofing firm. We have the knowledge and the expertise to fix all of your foundation, basement, and crawl space problems. We do it all for an honest price.

Why Work With Forte Waterproofing?
  • Certified foundation contractors
  • Concrete and masonry specialists
  • Have over six decades of experience
  • Masonry contractors who can diagnose and fix your home’s foundation issues
  • We do more than just repair foundations – we build them
  • We know foundations – our “Old World Trade” has been handed down over generations
  • We’re licensed, bonded, and insured
  • 4th generation / family owned and operated (not a franchise)
  • We do not subcontract any work

Over 60 Years of Exceptional Service

We are most honored to have earned such high ratings for such prestigious awards. Striving daily to exceed our customers’ expectation of quality in service is part of the foundation our business was, and continues to be, built upon. Thank You to all of those contributing to our success.

Pulse of the City award for Forte Waterproofing
Basement Health Association Service and Technicians Assessment Report Award
Awards for Forte Waterproofing from the South Bend Regional Chamber, Home Builders Association, and the Basement Health Association.
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Foundation Repair

Look no further for expert foundation repair services. Call Forte Waterproofing today!

Forte Waterproofing worker sealing floor

Basement Waterproofing

Call a Forte Waterproofing technician today to keep your basement dry and waterproofed.

Flyer showing the dangers of moisture in your crawl space

Humidity Control Systems

Take control of humidity and air quality inside your home to ensure your family's protection.

crawl space leak diagram

Window Seepage

Very often water can seep through a basement
window. Whether you have an old, deteriorating
window that needs replaced, or need a window
well waterproofed, Forte has the answer to stop
the water penetration.

Leak Over the Foundation Wall

Anytime water accumulates on the exterior of
your home there is a possibility it will travel into
your basement or crawlspace over the top of
the foundation wall. You can Fix it with Forte! 

Form Tie Pins

Form Tie Pins are used to secure concrete forms
in place while the concrete is poured. Depending
on the type of forms used, they are generally
left in the concrete. Quite often, water seeps
into the interior of basements and crawlspaces
around the form tie pins.  Rest assured that our
expert technicians can stop the leak in your wall.

Foundation Wall Crack

Cracking of foundation walls can occur for many
reasons: settling, seasonal freeze and thaw, etc.
Our knowledgeable and trained mason
contractors and waterproofers can fix cracks in
foundation walls.

Surface Deterioration

Over time concrete can deteriorate which may
cause the surface to erode and let water in. If you
notice the surface of your foundation walls
becoming crumbly or "honeycombed" contact us
for a solution.

Cove Joint Leak

The cove joint is the seam where the foundation
wall meets the floor. During times of heavy rain,
or if you have a high water table water can seep
through the joint. This is also know as hydrostatic

Mortar Joint Leak

Masonry foundations such as block, brick and
stone are built using mortar. Mortar can
deteriorate over time which will allow water to
seep into your basement or crawl space. Forte
Waterproofing has over 50 years of experience in
constructing and repairing foundations. This is
your guarantee that we will repair and
waterproof your masonry properly.

Seepage Around Pipes

Quite often water can seep in through an area
where a pipe penetrates the foundation wall. This
is a very common problem. Forte Waterproofing
has sealed thousands of pipes and will be happy
to take a look at your problem area. We will
provide the proper solution to stop the water
from seeping in - permanently.

Step Crack

Cracks can form in foundation walls for many
reasons. Whether it is from seasonal freezing and
thawing or settling of the house, cracks can be
repaired by our knowledgeable and experienced
mason contractors and waterproofers.

Sump Pump Overflow

A sump pump is used to pump the water out of
you basement to a suitable place in your yard.
Occasionally a sump pump can fail and cause the
pit to overflow into your basement or crawlspace.
Forte Waterproofing not only installs sump
pumps as part of our patented drainage system,
we also replace failing sump pumps. Additionally
we install battery back-up systems that can kick
in during an electrical outage.

Floor Crack

Cracking of basement floors is very common.
Cracks in floors are generally not sealed. If water
starts penetrating through the crack you will
need to have the issue addressed. Call Forte
Waterproofing for the proper solution to relieve
the hydrostatic pressure from your floor.

Hear from our satisfied customers!

Forte Waterproofing installed a drainage system in our basement in 2018. After years of putting up with water in our basement every time it rained, our basement is now completely dry. We have had torrential rains since 2018 and not one drop in our basement. We are so thankful we had the work done and done right! Thank you Forte for providing us with quality workmanship and peace of mind. It was worth every penny we paid.
Sherry R
My wife and I hired Forte to waterproof our basement, and we had an excellent experience! Mark spoke very honestly about what he felt like we needed in our basement to stop the water issues we were having. We ended up having a partial system installed that could be built on in the future if necessary, and it not only solved the immediate issues but was much more affordable than other quotes we received from companies in the area. Mark answered lots of questions we had as first time homeowners and was kind and responsive throughout the whole project. Highly recommend Forte for waterproofing!
Kyle B
Forte did a couple of jobs for me about two years ago. I was very satisfied both with the quick and accurate diagnosis of my problem and the professional way in which the work was carried out. Forte was recommended to me by a pleased customer, and I have not hesitated to recommend them to others.
Alfred F
Forte Waterproofing work truck

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